Donating a Van to The Wellspring

The Cardinal Trust has proudly donated a van to The Wellspring charity. As you know, The Wellspring is a resource centre for homeless  and disadvantaged people in Stockport and a charity we’ve supported for sometime now.

Paul Smith-Markl (correct) from Cardinal Maritime hands over the van keys to Nicky Barry. Cardinal Maritime, Sharston Industrial Estate Leestone Rd, Manchester, United Kingdom. Cardinal Maritime is donating a van to Stockport homeless charity The Wellspring for a new collection service. This has also enabled them to employ Nicky Barry who has had a terrible time while being homeless. 22 June 2016.

The van will be used to collect donations from homes and businesses and to transport donations from storage etc. The van will be a great asset and resource for the charity but also gives one of their volunteers, Nicky, the opportunity of his very first paid job. Nicky originally used the services of The Wellspring, with them supporting his rehabilitation from drug addiction and a life of crime and with their support started volunteering everyday and has done now for the last two years. With Cardinal Maritime’s donation of a van, Nicky can now start his new job of being a van driver for 15 hours a week of paid work.

Congratulations to Nicky and we wish him all the best!