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At Cardinal, we believe the supplier-vendor relationship to be an important, strong and long term partnership. Both the client and the logistics partners will concentrate on their lead competencies and work closely together with the common aim to be a leader in each other’s sector. We want to service you in a reliable, efficient and flexible manner, so that your company can compete in its business, not only by selling quality products, but also by satisfying customers with high value logistics services with a fast and safe delivery of their goods.

Since our inception in 1998, we have developed according to our clients’ needs from a traditional freight forwarding company to a full service logistics provider. We provide all the necessary services for highly-engineered supply chain solutions and combine these with a range of warehousing and freight forwarding services to provide a complete solution.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

At Cardinal, we’re passionate about helping our clients operate their supply chains more effectively. To achieve this we design and implement transformative solutions that are customised for every individual client and their unique supply chain challenges. Using an innovative approach to manage supply chains we’ve given our clients true supply chain visibility with revolutionary views of their supply chain. We continually work towards achieving long-term sustainable solutions to add value to our clients’ operations and work to form collaborative partnerships, always striving to be viewed as an extension of our clients’ team, removing the challenges of managing a supply chain.



We offer dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations with over 150,000m² of warehousing space in the UK. Our warehousing can be used solely for storage or for a range of added value services such as pick and pack.

Security is of the utmost importance and we excel at ensuring our clients’ goods are secure at all times. We achieve this by employing the latest security technology along with standard facilities such as ‘swipe cards’ and CCTV. All of Cardinal’s UK facilities are fully bonded and AEO approved allowing us to offer a complete import solution.

Internet Fulfilment

Internet Fulfilment

We pick, pack and dispatch your orders, to save you time and money. We take away the hassle of storing, delivering and handling any product returns and manage your fulfilment so you can concentrate on your key business objectives. We understand that a bespoke fulfilment service is vital for a multi-channel online retailer.

Our internet fulfilment service includes:

Global Freight Forwarding

Global Freight Forwarding

We serve more than 6,000 clients globally with an integrated network serving over 500 ports and airports. We offer reliable and competitive freight forwarding solutions that will support your growth and expansion, shipping 100,000 containers and over 4 million kilos of air freight every year.

We deliver exceptional service and value through our account managers, which have a single-minded focus on customer service and transparency helping us to continually operate at a client satisfaction rate of 98%.

Customs Bureau

Customs Bureau

Our priority is to explore and implement the most resilient solutions for your business – improving processes as well as your critical bottom line. Our approach is driven by a team of highly trained professionals with unique skills, complemented by IT infrastructure and specialist systems to ensure that your Customs processes reflect this.

We implement, control and audit advance Customs formalities for prestigious clients in a broad range of sectors. We understand how protective any company is of their products and reputation, and that handing over the management of critical Customs formalities a third-party provider can be a big decision.

Our Global World

Cardinal Air Freight

Did you know air cargo represents less than 0.5% of the weight of all international cargo but 35% of world trade by value?

Last year the global aviation industry transported 86.9 million tonnes of cargo with a value of $6.4.

We’re IATA accredited and handle over 4 million kilos of air freight annually.

Cardinal Road Freight

All goods imported into the UK from outside the EU require import customs clearance before delivery can take place.

Last year, the value of all goods imported into the UK was £406 billion. All of Cardinal’s UK facilities are fully bonded and AEO approved, allowing us to offer a complete import solution.

Cardinal Sea Freight

Did you know 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry?

Shipping is the least environmentally damaging form of commercial transport and there are currently at least 20 million containers crossing the world.

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