#Project100 update

#Project100 is an initiative created by Cardinal to help shape our employees’ thinking and energy; and to simultaneously drive and reward ambition within Cardinal Maritime in order to achieve the target of £100m turnover in 2018. In light of the above we are entirely committed to celebrating individual achievement that ties in with that notion. 100 blank cheques to the value of £100.00 each will be distributed amongst those employees who demonstrate that they consistently strive above and beyond their roles.

#Project100 exemplifies much of what Cardinal represent; appreciation and acknowledgement of astounding achievements. The initiative yielded immense support from all areas within the group. Our award winners vary from young to old; from the warehouse to our reception team; from Sharston to Shanghai.

#Project100 was embraced by all our employees beyond what could have been imagined, with the end of the year in sight we have over 90 winners and we are delighted that it played a huge role in our 2018 success.

Thank you & well done to all our winners and winners to come.