New online booking system

We are excited to announce the launch of Tobe (The Online Booking Exchange) for Sea and Air import clients.

Tobe has been designed and developed to assist teams with the process of approving shipments with their clients, and getting them into our operating system as early as possible to provide more visibility for our clients. Shipments are going into the system weeks before departure, and our clients can now track the whole lifespan with live tracking on our integrative Plus Track map.

With this system, clients can also approve shipments in real-time via Leda. Our agents overseas enter the data, and once approved this creates the booking in our operating system automatically. Tobe also integrates with our overseas offices’, and partners’, systems – with more integration coming soon.

There is lots of work to continue, but the main objective is providing more and more transparency for our clients – a key philosophy of the Cardinal Group.

Tobe on laptop